Chawlgirl Rising: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction



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In a drought-ravaged post-apocalyptic India, the voices in Shakti’s head tell her how to survive. But when hegemony control officer Lucas Seraph murders her brother as he shuts off the water supply to another doomed city, Shakti is thrown into a desperate flight to understand and control the strange and frightening powers growing within her.

While Lucas hunts her through India’s collapsing cities, Shakti must evade Aghori death cultists convinced she will bring the end of the world, a rebel band of mutilated humans trying to use her to overthrow the hegemony, and the demons in her own mind who whisper that she holds the key to saving her country even as they force her to hurt others and carry out their own inscrutable plan.

When she finally discovers the true source of her powers, the realization of the lies she’s lived under for years threaten to break her fragile sanity. And her only way back, the last chance to save two billion lives from the burning of the world, lies bound in the past of the very man who pursues her across the wastes…

Chawlgirl Rising is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel for readers that love gritty science fiction struggles to rediscover hope when all else seems lost.

Special thanks to Brian Kulbaba for his cover artwork.

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