The Best Short Science Fiction from March

A good sci-fi writer is also a good sci-fi reader, so today I’m sharing some of the best science fiction short stories that I’ve come across in March. Please read each one of these talented sci fi writers – they’ve done a great job and I hope you enjoy their work!

The Best Short Science Fiction from March 2020

Scrap, by Evan Kennedy, in Daily Science Fiction. A bittersweet tale of robots missing their masters.

The Best Short Science Fiction of March 2020 - Clarkesworld Issue 161Generation Gap, by Thoraiya Dyer, in Clarkesworld. A rich tale of the ending of a bitter generational war told in very polished, deceptively simple prose that does a great job of building a unique world.

Midstrathe Exploding, by Andy Dudak, in Analog. Great world building in a city caught between two eras.

Soshiki, by Andrew L. Roberts, in Bourbon Penn. A vivid story of a marooned alien growing lost in the human memories it’s forced to consume.

The Best Short Science Fiction March 2020 - Andrew L Roberts Bourbon Penn

I hope you enjoy these short science fiction stories – if you have any you’d recommend, please let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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  1. Andrew L. Roberts says:

    I am glad you enjoyed my story Memri’s Requiem and included it your “best of ” list.
    Andrew L. Roberts

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