Best April Science Fiction Short Stories

Hi all,

Every month I try to get through as many sci-fi short stories as I can and post my favorites. Here are those that made the cut this month:

Translunar Travelers LoungeKiki Hernandez Beats the Devil by Samantha Mills in Translunar Travelers Lounge. A fun story of a heaven-sent rock and roller slaying demons, with enjoyable characters and a very Western-movie meets The Walking Dead vibe.

Distant Stars, by P.H. Lee, in Clarkesworld. A true tale of science fiction, by which I mean there’s heavy emotional weight to the story of this scientist trying to reconcile with her son through her discovery.

Respite, by Catherine Wells, in the April 2020 Analog. A sweet tale of what happens when the architect of a dying space station arrives for one last visit.

The King’s Mirror, by M.K. Hutchins in Strange Horizons – a very refreshing fantasy tale that puts the family dynamic front an center as opposed to action and magic. 

The best science fiction short stories of April 2020 - The King's Mirror by M.K. Hutchins

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