My Favorite Short Science Fiction from June

For June 2020, I wasn’t able to read as much short sci-fi stories as I would have liked, but I still read a few great pieces. Here are the ones that stuck out to me this month:

Martian Cinema, by Gabriela Santiago, in Strange Horizons

A refreshing science fiction story that follows a group of children as they stretch their creativity on another planet. I found the characterization here very believable, and enjoyed the parallels to our evolutionary past. Well done!

The River, by Alice Towey, in Asimov’s: a very realistic short sci-fi take on what (might) happen when humans connect their minds to the internet. The experience and description here felt very natural, and I always enjoy stories that are more about the people than any massive conflict or life or death kind of struggle. 

One in Six, by Jude Reid, in Daily Science Fiction. A nice, taught tale of what reality shows may look like in the near future. Well-done characterization, which is difficult to do in a shorter sci-fi story.

Father, by Ray Nayler, in Asimov’s. A finely detailed story set in an alternate 1950s future of a young boy trying to bond with a new parental figure after the tragic death (or was it?) of his father.

Best June 2020 Short Fiction - Father by Ray Nayler in Asimov's

Thanks for reading this month everyone, I hope this helped you find some good short sci fi reads. If you have reading  suggestions or anything you’d like me to consider please email me

Note: apologies for the links with Asimov’s stories – their format makes it difficult to directly link to the story, but I do recommend buying a subscription. They’ve always got excellent short science fiction. 


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