The Coolest Science Fiction That’s Already Here – February 2020

Hi all,

For me, writing science fiction has always begun with two magical words: “what if”. I love looking at developments that may be a few years away and wondering how society will change when they become reality.

So every few weeks I’d like to share a few of the cooler things that are happening out in the world that will one day make the science fiction we write into science fact. I hope you find these breakthroughs as interesting as I did!

Science Fiction That's Already Here - We're Going Back to the Moon!

First Thing’s First – We’re Going Back to the Moon, and NASA’s Hiring!

NASA’s Artemis project is trying to get us back to the moon in the next 4 years. To get there, NASA is hiring a few good astronauts!

Living Concrete

Sci Fi Tech That's Already Here: Living Concrete

Researchers have created a bacteria that, when exposed to sand and water, creates a material as strong as cement mortar that can be grown into molds.  This is exactly the kind of thing that I could imagine lands ahead of astronauts on alien worlds.

Augmented Reality Contacts

Science Fiction That's Already Here AR ContactsPersonal augmented reality technology has been a sci fi staple for decades. How close are we to having AR contacts like something out of Altered Carbon? Juuuust a little bit longer than you might think. This article gets into some of the issues around the technology.

Lab-Grown Meat

We are much closer than anyone realizes to eating “cultured meat”, otherwise known as meat grown from animal stem cells. This article discusses exactly how close we are.

Science Fiction That's Already Here - Lab Grown Meat

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